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Partners in Growth Counseling is a partnership of skilled mental health clinicians practicing under the same roof.  We strive to provide a safe, comforting, and confidential environment for the individuals, couples, and families we serve. Our intention is to facilitate healing, growth, and change through the work we do collaboratively with our clients. We commit ourselves to providing help so that the people we serve can become the best version of themselves, developing healthy relationships and effective means of coping.  

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Individual therapy for adults and children

We provide individual therapy to help those who are working through personal and interpersonal challenges.  We have experience helping individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, behavioral issues, adjustment and life transitions and family relationships. Therapy focuses on obtaining the necessary skills and strategies to become more self-aware, build strengths, repair communication, and to develop effective ways to cope.


Couples therapy

We provide treatment and support for couples in all stages of their relationships, including therapy for married and unmarried couples in both traditional and same sex relationships.  We focus on helping to improve communication and compromise to achieve maximum satisfaction in the relationship.

Family therapy

We provide support to families who are in various stages of challenge or crisis.  For parents, we provide warm support as well as evidence based parent training. For children, we provide a safe place to process through emotions, problems or situations. We work to help all members of the family improve their ability to communicate effectively.


Cynthia Masucci NCC, LPC


Erinann Phillips NCC, LPC


Joanna Strang-Kuczma, LSW


To schedule a consultation or an appointment, contact us on the form below.

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Thank you for contacting Partners in Growth Counseling. We will be in touch soon. If you do not hear from us, please be sure to check your spam folder or give us a call at 412-386-4246. 

2600 Boyce Plaza Road

Suite 241

Pittsburgh, PA 15241

REAL Contact
  • What is the best way to communicate with my therapist?
    Your therapist can best be reached via email. It is the most efficient and simple way to get a quick response. You can also call our office at 412-386-4246 or use the "contact us" button on the website as well.
  • What can I expect for my first session?
    For the first session, your therapist will be gathering background information including demographics, social, emotional and familial history as well as working to begin rapport building. You will be able to provide more thorough information about presenting concerns, explore treatment goals and discuss the process of treatment.
  • Do you provide in person or virtual care?
    We provide both in person and virtual/telehealth sessions. You are free to attend sessions either way, or to fluctuate between the two.
  • How do I schedule my first visit?
    You can complete a form using the "Contact Us" button at the top of the webpage or using the contact form at the bottom of the page. Once you submit your intake request, our practice will be notified and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule an intake appointment with your therapist. Please be sure to check your spam folder for our response, but you can also call us (412-386-4246) to be sure that we have received your request.
  • How long are clients typically in therapy?
    From our experience, most clients are typically in therapy for approximately 6-9 months, depending on their emotional and mental health needs. Every client's needs vary and while some may choose to participate in therapy for longer periods of time, some clients benefit more from a short term treatment approach. You are always in charge of your treatment. You and your therapist can work together to determine the best plan to address your needs.
  • What insurances do you accept?
    We accept the following insurances: Highmark BCBS, UPMC, Cigna, Aetna and United Behavioral Health/United Healthcare. We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare products.
  • How often do I meet with my therapist?
    The frequency of therapy is based on the client's needs and emotional stability. Some clients choose to meet on a weekly basis, while others prefer to meet every 2-4 weeks. This can be discussed and decided between therapist and client.
  • How much does therapy cost?
    Clients who are utilizing their insurance will pay based on their plans's contracted rates and their company's copay/deductible. You are encouraged to contact your insurance company directly for your plan specific information, though your therapist will also confirm this at your first meeting. A self pay rate can be discussed with your therapist if you have chosen not to go through your insurance.
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